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Arizona Cardinals Trade Rumors: Latest Updates and Potential Trades

Hello friends, NFL trade deadline is just around the corner and teams are busy scouting and making offers to strengthen their squads. The Arizona Cardinals are one of the teams that are expected to make a few moves before the deadline to improve their performance. In this article, we will explore the latest Arizona Cardinals trade rumors, potential trades, and what they mean for the team’s future.

Who’s on the trading block?

As the trade deadline nears, the Arizona Cardinals are expected to make some moves in efforts to boost their offense. Speculations have been made that Larry Fitzgerald will be on the trading block due to his age, despite being one of the most reliable receivers on the team. However, the Cardinals’ General Manager, Steve Keim, has denied rumors about trading their veteran receiver. The team has a different trade strategy up their sleeves.

Cardinals Trade Strategy

The Cardinals’ main strategy is to stockpile draft picks for the future. This strategy makes sense, given their poor performance in the league this season. Arizona needs to develop young talent to rebuild their team for the future. The team is also looking for players that can make an immediate impact on the field. They’re open to trading, but only for the right deals that can help the franchise for years to come.

Oakland Athletics as Trading Partners

The Oakland Athletics are a potential trading partner for the Cardinals. The A’s are known for their innovative ways of building a team. Both teams have a history of trade dealings and could work out a mutually beneficial trade. The A’s can offer the Cardinals players that can make an immediate impact, and the Cardinals can give the A’s draft picks that they need for their farm system.

What Should St. Louis Cardinals Do at Trade Deadline?

The St. Louis Cardinals are also expected to make some moves before the trade deadline. The team has had a mediocre season so far and needs to make improvements to make a push for the playoffs. The Cardinals’ focus is on strengthening their pitching staff and adding depth to their bullpen. The team is also looking for players that can improve their offense.

Pitching Staff Rebuild

The Cardinals’ starting pitchers have struggled this season, and the team needs immediate reinforcements. The team is looking for experienced pitchers that can handle the pressure of major league baseball. The Cardinals should consider adding left-hander Mike Minor to their roster. Minor has been solid for the Texas Rangers this season and can be a reliable addition to the Cardinals’ pitching staff.

Bullpen Depth

The Cardinals have one of the best closers in the league, but their bullpen lacks depth. The team needs to add more relievers to their ranks to keep up with the competition. The team can consider acquiring closer Ian Kennedy from the Kansas City Royals. Kennedy has been solid in the closer role this season and can be a valuable asset to the Cardinals.

Offensive Improvements

The Cardinals have been struggling to score runs this season, and they need to make improvements to their offense. The team needs to add depth to their outfield and find a reliable backup catcher. The team can consider trading with the New York Mets for outfielder Michael Conforto and catcher Tomas Nido. Conforto has been one of the Mets’ most consistent hitters and can immediately improve the Cardinals’ offense. Nido can provide solid defensive play as a backup catcher.


In conclusion, the Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Cardinals are both expected to make some moves before the trade deadline to improve their performances this season. The teams need to focus on their weaknesses and find solutions to address them. The Cardinals’ strategy of stockpiling draft picks is a wise move, and they should only make trades that will benefit them in the long run. The St. Louis Cardinals need to focus on strengthening their pitching staff and adding depth to their bullpen and outfield. The trade deadline is shaping up to be an exciting time as we watch these teams make moves to improve their roster. See you in the next article.

Cardinals Trade