A2 Hosting Review – Is it the Best Web Hosting in the Market?


Hello Friends ReviewHost.Plafon.id, thank you for taking the time to read my comprehensive review of A2 Hosting. As we all know, choosing the right web hosting provider is crucial for the success of any online business. And with so many options available, it can be quite overwhelming to pick the right one. In this review, I will be presenting you with a detailed analysis of A2 Hosting, what it has to offer, and how it stacks up against other big names in the industry.

About A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting was founded in 2001 and is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Their primary focus is to provide fast, reliable, and developer-friendly web hosting services. Their plans are designed to cater to small businesses, bloggers, and web developers. Unlike some of its competitors, A2 Hosting proudly claims to offer “20x faster” web hosting than its competition.


One of the most notable features of A2 Hosting is their “Turbo Server” technology. The Turbo Server technology promises to offer faster loading times and better performance compared to standard hosting. They also offer various hosting plans, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and reseller hosting, to cater to different customers’ needs.

Shared Hosting

A2 Hosting offers three different shared hosting plans: Startup, Drive, and Turbo Boost. The plans range from $2.99/mo to $14.99/mo. Startup is the most basic, offering a single website, 100 GB of storage, and unlimited bandwidth. The Drive plan supports unlimited websites, storage, and bandwidth. Finally, the Turbo Boost plan promises up to 20x faster load times, along with other additional features.

VPS Hosting

A2 Hosting offers three well-rounded VPS hosting plans: Unmanaged VPS, Managed VPS, and Core VPS. They offer unmanaged VPS hosting if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option. Managed VPS hosting offers expert support and management for customers looking for a hands-off approach. Finally, the Core VPS plan offers root access to provide web developers with complete control over their servers.

Dedicated Hosting

A2 Hosting’s dedicated hosting plans start at $99.59/mo and come with various features. The plans come with a dedicated IP address, two CPU cores, 10 TB of bandwidth, and 8 GB of RAM. They also offer managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting options.

Reseller Hosting

A2 Hosting’s Reseller Hosting plans start at $18.99/mo. They offer three different plans with different storage capacity and processing power. The plans cater to individuals looking to become web hosting resellers.

Speed and Performance

A2 Hosting’s claim of being 20x faster than their competitors raises an eyebrow. However, the truth is, they are one of the fastest web hosting providers in the market. They ensure their servers are highly optimized to deliver maximum performance. Additionally, their Turbo Server technology and caching mechanism help generate faster loading times for websites.

Uptime Guarantee

A2 Hosting promises a 99.9% uptime guarantee. They have multiple data centers located in various parts of the world, ensuring that your website stays up and running at all times.

Security Features

A2 Hosting ensures its customers’ safety by providing various security features. They offer free SSL certificates, Malware scanning, and removal. Additionally, they offer Server Rewind backups that allow users to roll back to previous versions of their website.

Customer Support

A2 Hosting offers 24/7 customer support through live chat, phone, and email. They also offer a knowledge base with helpful articles and tutorials that can solve any doubts or confusion customers may face.

Pros of using A2 Hosting

– One of the fastest web hosting providers in the market
– Offering various hosting plans that cater to different customers’ needs
– Turbo Server technology increases website loading speed, enhancing overall performance
– Excellent customer support available 24/7
– Advanced security features, free SSL certificates, and malware scanning and removal

Cons of using A2 Hosting

– The basic hosting plan can only host one website
– The higher-tier hosting plans are relatively expensive
– Extra fees may apply for specific features


To sum up, A2 Hosting offers exceptional web hosting services, catering to different customers’ needs through its various hosting plans. With their Turbo Server technology, they provide fast loading times and top-level server performance. Their customer support is available 24/7 and promises to solve any issues customers may face promptly. Additionally, their security features, including malware scanning and removal, ensure the safety of website data. While their basic hosting plan can only host one website, their higher-tier hosting plans come with advanced features that justify the higher price point. Overall, I highly recommend A2 Hosting for anyone looking for a reliable and high-performance web hosting service.

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you in my next exciting article!


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