How To Get VPS For Free – Exploring Your Options

Hello Friends, welcome to our article on how to get a VPS for free. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are becoming increasingly vital in the digital world. Whether you’re looking to set up a website, host a game, or run your own private server, having a VPS can be crucial. However, it might not be feasible for everyone to invest money on a VPS. Thus, we are here to discuss the ways to get a VPS for free.

What is a VPS?

Before we dive into the methods of getting a free VPS let us first understand what VPS is. A VPS is a Virtual Private Server that allows you to host websites, apps, and services on the internet. These servers are virtualized, meaning they don’t exist physically but are operated like a physical server. Each server runs its own instance of an operating system, allowing you to manage your website or application independently.

Why do you need a VPS?

Running a website or application is not always easy, especially if it is gaining traction or has a large number of users. However, free hosting doesn’t usually come with the necessary resources you need for excellent performance. A VPS allows you to have more flexibility and control over the resources you use, including CPU, RAM, and disk space.

Benefits of having a VPS

Having complete control over your server is one of the main benefits of having a VPS. You can install whatever software or operating system you want, and you’re not dependent on the host’s limitations. You get more storage, faster server speeds, and less downtime since resources are allocated only to your server.

Method 1: Use a free VPS trial

This method is the most common way to get a free VPS. Some popular VPS providers provide trial offers or credits that they offer you when you create an account with them. A trial period typically lasts for 7-30 days, giving you ample opportunity to manage and understand a VPS.

Step 1: Sign up for a free trial

Choose the VPS provider and sign up for a free trial account; be sure to read the terms and conditions of the offer. There are many providers in the market like Amazon AWS, Vultr, Digital Ocean, and Google Cloud.

Step 2: Create a virtual machine using your trial credits

Create a virtual machine that you can use to host any website or application using the allocated credits. You can upgrade your package and can also add more credits if needed.

Step 3: Launch your virtual server instance

Once you create the virtual machine, launch it and get the IP address. Use this IP address to connect to the server.

Step 4: Set up your environment and install your application

After launching the server, install your necessary apps and set up your environment with your site’s code.

Method 2: VPS hosting providers offering free plans

Another way to get a free VPS is to use hosting providers that offer free plans. The provider may offer the plan for free, but it is often limited in features and resources.

Step 1: Find a free VPS hosting provider

Find a VPS hosting provider that provides a free plan. Look for a plan that provides a decent amount of resources like RAM, storage, and bandwidth.

Step 2: Sign up for the free plan

Sign up for the free plan and create your account. Confirm your email and log in.

Step 3: Set up and configure your VPS server

After logging in, set up and configure your VPS server by selecting the operating system and resources required. Use the allocated resources to configure your VPS environment.

Step 4: Access your VPS server

You will receive an email with the login details. Use these details to access your VPS server.

Method 3: Use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) free credits

Google Cloud Platform offers free credits for new users who sign up for an account, which can be used to gain access to a VPS for free. The credits can also be used to access other services like storage and computing resources.

Step 1: Sign up for Google Cloud Platform

Sign up for a Google Cloud Platform account and verify your identity.

Step 2: Apply for free credits

After verifying your identity, apply for the free credits.

Step 3: Create and configure a VPS instance

Create a VPS instance that meets your requirements, and configure your server as per your needs.

Step 4: Connect to the VPS instance

After creating the VPS instance, launch it and use SSH to connect to your VPS instance.


These are some methods that you can use to get a VPS for free. Each of the methods offers its advantages, and we hope that this article has helped you understand how to get a free VPS. However, be sure to read the terms and conditions of the various VPS providers before you sign up for their service. Good luck with your VPS hosting!

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