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iPhone Trade-in Values: A Comprehensive Guide


Hello friends, as the upgrade cycle of smartphones continues to increase, we often opt to sell our old devices to fund the newer ones. Apple has been one of the pioneers in smartphone trade-in programs and continues to offer competitive pricing for its products. In this article, we will be discussing the iPhone trade-in values, comparing it with other carriers, and exploring ways to maximize your trade-in value.

Understanding iPhone Trade-In Values

Trade-in value is the amount a customer receives from a company for their old device. The iPhone holds its value well compared to Android smartphones. Apple offers trade-in values through its website, Apple stores, and authorized resellers. The value depends on the condition of the phone and its age. Apple’s trade-in values are updated every month, and the price drops as newer models are released.

Additionally, carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile offer trade-in programs for used devices. Carriers usually offer lower trade-in values than Apple, but if you trade-in with the carrier, they will credit your account for the used device’s value.

Conversely, you can also opt to sell your old device on third-party websites such as Gazelle, SellCell, and Swappa. These websites offer a higher value for the device compared to carrier trade-in programs.

iPhone Trade-In Values Pre-iPhone 12 Launch: Carriers vs. Apple vs. Third-party websites

Before the iPhone 12’s release, several websites compared iPhone trade-in values among carriers, Apple, and third-party websites. According to a study by SellCell in September 2020, Apple gave the highest trade-in values for its devices compared to carriers and third-party websites. For example, an iPhone XS Max could reach up to $450 in trade-in value when traded with Apple.

However, there were variations in trade-in values among carriers. Verizon offered the highest trade-in value for an iPhone XS Max, which could go up to $580 in trade-in value, while AT&T offered a lower value of $364 for the same device.

Third-party websites such as Gazelle and Swappa offered lower trade-in values compared to carriers and Apple. Gazelle offered up to $375 for an iPhone XS Max, while Swappa offered up to $440. While the trade-in value offered by third-party websites may not be as high as Apple or carriers, they do provide an easy and quick way to sell your used device.

Maximizing your iPhone Trade-In Value

The trade-in value of your iPhone depends on its condition, age, and storage capacity. The better the condition of your iPhone, the higher the value you will receive. Here are some tips to maximize your iPhone’s trade-in value:

1. Keep Your iPhone in Good Condition

The first step to maximize your trade-in value is to keep your iPhone in good condition. This includes having no cracks, scratches, or dents on the device. Additionally, ensure that the device’s battery life is still good, and all functionalities are working correctly.

2. Erase All Data from Your iPhone

The next step is to erase all data from your iPhone. This includes removing all accounts, disabling find my iPhone, and restoring the device to its original settings. This ensures that the trade-in process is smooth, and your privacy is protected.

3. Trade-In Your iPhone as Soon as Possible

The trade-in value of your iPhone dwindles as newer models are launched. Therefore, it is advisable to trade-in your device as soon as possible to get the highest value. Additionally, waiting for trade-in promotions can also help increase the device’s value.

4. Opt for Apple Care+

Apple offers its customers AppleCare+, which not only provides additional warranty protection but also ensures that your device is in good condition. The program covers accidental damage and provides free battery replacements. Having AppleCare+ on your device could help increase its trade-in value.


Trading in your old device is an excellent way to fund a new one, and iPhone trade-in values are a great opportunity to get a good return on your investment. Apple provides the highest trade-in value for its devices, but carrier and third-party websites also offer good trade-in programs. Maximizing the trade-in value of your iPhone requires ensuring that it is in the best condition and erasing all data before trading it in. We hope this comprehensive guide has helped you understand iPhone trade-in values better.

Until next time, friends!

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