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Explore the Benefits of Pottery Barn Trade Program

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Are you an interior designer or decorator looking for the perfect products for your client’s project? Pottery Barn Kids can help you with that! The Pottery Barn Trade Program offers exclusive deals, special perks, and insider access to the latest collections.

What is the Pottery Barn Trade Program?

The Pottery Barn Trade Program is specifically designed for professionals in the interior design and decoration industry. It provides them with exclusive benefits, discounts, and personalized services to help them achieve their design goals for their clients.

Several exclusive benefits are offered to members of the Pottery Barn Trade Program, which we’ll discuss in detail in the following paragraphs.

Benefits of Pottery Barn Trade Program

Pottery Barn Trade
  1. Exclusive Discounts: Members of the Trade Program are eligible to receive a 15% discount on all regular-priced merchandise. They can also get early access to seasonal sales, promotions, and clearance events, to help stretch their budget and their creativity.
  2. Free Design Services: The Pottery Barn Trade Program offers free design services to its members. They will help you choose the perfect furniture, bedding, decor, and accessories for your clients’ projects. You can work with the design professionals in-store or online over the phone.
  3. Complimentary Fabric Swatches: Members of the Trade Program are eligible to receive complimentary fabric swatches. This is particularly helpful when you need to see the actual color, texture, and quality of a fabric, before you put it in your clients’ homes.
  4. Insider Access: Members of the Trade Program get early access to new collections, limited edition pieces, and exclusive collaborations. They also receive first-class customer service and support from the Pottery Barn team.
  5. Personalized Services: The Pottery Barn Trade Program offers personalized services, including custom upholstery, monogramming, gift wrapping, and delivery and installation services. These services add an extra layer of convenience and attention to detail that your clients will surely appreciate.

How to Apply for Pottery Barn Trade Program?

To apply for the Pottery Barn Trade Program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have a valid business license or state resale certificate with your business name and a corresponding EIN number.
  • You must provide proof of your business by submitting your website, business card, interior design certification, or affiliation with a professional design organization.

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents and information, you can submit your application online through the Pottery Barn Trade Program page. You can also visit a Pottery Barn Kids store near you and speak with a sales associate to assist you with the application process.


In conclusion, the Pottery Barn Trade Program is an excellent resource for interior designers and decorators who are looking for high-quality, stylish, and affordable furniture and decor for their clients’ projects. The program provides exclusive discounts, free design services, complimentary fabric swatches, insider access, and personalized services. Applying for the program is easy and straightforward, and the benefits are truly worth it.

Thank you for reading this article, and we hope that it has been informative and helpful. Feel free to contact us or visit your local Pottery Barn Kids store for more information about the Trade Program or any other product or service. See you soon!

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