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The Importance of CRM in Real Estate and Top 6 CRM Software for Real Estate

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Real estate industry is an ever-growing field and to keep up in today’s competitive world of real estate, it is important to have a customer-centric approach. To achieve this, many real estate agents and companies are turning towards Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software. CRM software helps in organizing and managing client interactions and data, lead management, property management, and analytics. In this article, we will discuss the importance of CRM in real estate and the top 6 CRM software for the industry.

The Importance of CRM in Real Estate

In the real estate industry, the importance of customer satisfaction cannot be overstated. The process of buying or selling a property can be a long and complicated one. During this process, real estate agents need to maintain constant communication with their clients. This is where a CRM software comes into play. A good CRM software will help in the following ways:

  1. Organizing and managing contact information
  2. Sending automated emails and newsletters
  3. Automating follow-up messages
  4. Tracking property inquiries and interactions
  5. Generating new leads from website visitors and social media followers
  6. Providing in-depth analytics and reports

All of these features help in reducing the workload of the real estate agent, saving time and energy, and improving customer satisfaction.

The Top 6 Real Estate CRM Software

Choosing the right CRM software can be a daunting task. Here are the top 6 Real Estate CRM software in the market:

Software Price per month/user Features
Zillow Premier Agent CRM $20 Lead management, Marketing tools, Automated follow-ups
Nimble $19 Social media integration, Task management, and Group email sending
BoomTown Custom quote Lead generation, Automated marketing, Tracking and analytics
Freshsales $19 Lead and contact management, Sales pipeline tracking, Website integration
Contactually $59 Personalized communication, Automated lead nurturing, Email tracking
RealtyJuggler $99 Task, appointment, and contact organizer, Marketing tool, Automated follow-ups

Zillow Premier Agent CRM

Zillow Premier Agent CRM is a popular choice for real estate agents. It is easy to use and has a comprehensive lead management system. With Zillow Premier Agent CRM, agents can track leads, set up automated follow-ups, and organize all communication in one place. It also has marketing tools like a newsletter creator and a postcard editor. Zillow Premier Agent CRM is available for $20 per month, per user.


Nimble is a CRM software that allows businesses to manage their contacts and communication across a variety of channels, including social media. Nimble provides task management and group email sending features that are useful for real estate agents who need to keep track of deadlines and send updates to clients. Nimble is priced at $19 per user, per month.


BoomTown is a complete CRM and marketing solution for real estate businesses. It offers lead generation tools, automated marketing, and tracking and analytics to help agents identify the most promising leads. It also has tools for pipeline management and lead nurturing. BoomTown is priced on a custom quote basis.


Freshsales is a CRM software designed to help businesses manage their leads and sales pipeline. It has features for lead and contact management, sales pipeline tracking, and website integration. Freshsales is priced at $19 per user, per month.


Contactually is a CRM software that personalizes communication based on a client’s history and behavior. It has features such as integrated email tracking, automated lead nurturing, and powerful search capabilities. Contactually is priced at $59 per user, per month.


RealtyJuggler is a powerful task, appointment, and contact organizer. It has marketing tools such as a newsletter editor and postcard creator. RealtyJuggler also has automated follow-up features and can be accessed on mobile devices. RealtyJuggler is priced at $99 per year.


At the end of the day, choosing the right CRM software for your real estate business is crucial. In this article, we have discussed the importance of CRM in real estate and the top 6 CRM software in the market. Each software has its own unique features and pricing structure, so it’s important to evaluate the needs of your business before making a decision. With the help of a CRM software, real estate agents can streamline their workflow, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately grow their business.

Thank you for reading and see you in the next informative article!

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