Trader Vic

Trader Vic’s: A Tiki World of Its Own

Hello Friends, are you ready for an exotic journey filled with Polynesian-inspired cocktails, Pacific Rim cuisine, and tiki-themed decor? Then let me take you to Trader Vic’s, a restaurant chain that has been synonymous with island kitsch, tropical drinks and endless fun across the world.

The Legacy of Trader Vic’s

Trader Vic’s was founded, as a small bar in Oakland, California, in 1934 by Victor J. Bergeron. He started serving customers with exotic cocktails, and later expanded his menu to include Chinese, Japanese and Polynesian cuisine.

The tiki trend became a huge sensation in America in the mid-1930s, and Trader Vic’s became a popular hangout hotspot for young people looking for some escapism from their everyday lives. Bergeron also started writing recipe books, which helped to spread the knowledge of the tiki culture and cuisine.

Today, the restaurant chain operates across the globe, from London to Tokyo. Each location is designed to transport patrons to a tropical paradise, with bamboo walls, thatched roofs, carved tikis and colorful murals everywhere.

The Menu

Aside from its famous cocktails, Trader Vic’s menu is full of flavors from Asia and the Pacific Rim. You can start your meal with an ahi poke, ahi sashimi, or one of the coconut prawn dishes. For your main course, make sure to try the duck la’orange, curry dishes, or the traditional Chinese dish kung pao chicken.

Vegetarians also have plenty of choices, with dishes like veggie jambalaya or veggie stir-fry. And let’s not forget about the desserts – make sure to indulge in their famous chocolate piñata or the classic banana fritters.

The Drinks

The bar at Trader Vic’s is world-renowned for serving some of the best tropical cocktails. The signature Mai Tai was invented by Victor Bergeron himself, and still remains a crowd favorite. But there are plenty of other drinks that you should try, like the Scorpion Bowl, Fog Cutter, and the Zombie.

The Locations

Trader Vic’s has multiple locations in the US, from Atlanta to Emeryville, California, with each one boasting its own unique decor and menu. If you’re planning a trip abroad, make sure to check out their international locations, including London, Munich, Tokyo, Dubai, and more.

The Experience

Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two or a big night out with friends, Trader Vic’s offers an unforgettable experience. Step inside and you’ll be transported to a tropical world, where every detail has been carefully crafted to make you feel like you’re on a vacation in Hawaii.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and they’ll be more than happy to help you select the perfect cocktail or dish to suit your taste. And if you’re feeling adventurous, make sure to ask about the flaming drinks and bowl cocktails – they’re not to be missed.

The Future

Despite being almost 90 years old, Trader Vic’s still going strong and expanding globally. However, it faces stiff competition from other tiki-themed establishments, as well as changing tastes of younger consumers.

The chain has adapted to keep up with trends, and in recent years, they have added more vegetarian options to the menu, introduced a happy hour, and even launched their own line of tiki mugs and accessories.


Trader Vic’s is not just a restaurant, it’s an experience. Whether you’re looking for a taste of the tropics or you want to indulge in some classic tiki drinks, this iconic chain has everything you need to transport you to a Polynesian paradise. So, next time you’re craving some exotic flavors, head to the nearest Trader Vic’s and get ready for a tiki adventure.

Thank you for reading, and until next time, A hui hou (until we meet again).